Over 20 Years Serving the Pro-Life Movement

40 DaysAs a young mom with two daughters, it was hard to understand how women could abort their babies. Choosing life has been important to me as long as I can remember, but I got actively involved in the pro-life movement in the early 1990s.

My active service started when I worked with a crisis pregnancy center. I counseled girls who were abortion-minded to help them change their mind. And then when they decided to choose life for their baby, I helped give them learn to care for their babies before and after birth or assist them in the choice to give their babies to a loving family for adoption. It was gratifying and important work.

I’ve been a supporter of Arkansas Right to Life as both a donor and a participant in their marches down 5th and Louisiana to the state capitol. I marched many times with Governor Mike Huckabee during his term as Arkansas’ governor.

This is just one of the things that makes me different from my opponents. I doubt either one can say they have provided this kind of hands-on advocacy for the unborn. Any elected official can cast a vote, but I commit to support pro-life initiatives as your state representative.


Jana and her first granddaughter.

You can see the pro-life movement has been part of my life’s work as well as education. We’ve made so many gains in that area over the years in the state of Arkansas. Our work has made a difference, and that’s been very rewarding.

Today, my daughters are grown. My 21-month old granddaughter is just one of the thousands of reasons in our state that I’m running for state representative. These kids are our future, and it is time we elect a state representative who is going to place a priority on them and their education.

My Commitment to District 90

I will use my 25 years of experience as an educator and work tirelessly as a state legislator to improve education. Click here to read my article about my commitment to educating our state’s children.

I will work to improve the foster care system and the Department of Human Services. Our most vulnerable children are caught in the nightmare of their bureaucracy. That has to stop. Click here to read my article on the need to improve foster care.

Please Allow Me to Serve You

Let’s give our kids a brighter future. It’s time to elect a state representative in District 90 who is a proven advocate for the children of our state and has earned the right to represent them in the Arkansas House of Representatives.

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